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Symbols Guide

Symbols have been used throughout our catalogue to illustrate some of the outstanding features of Dickies products.

Cold weather protection
Lining provides colder weather protection
Flame retardant EN470
Flame Retardant comforming to EN470 part 1, specification for use in welding and similar activities
Flame retardant EN531
Flame Retardant comforming to EN5311, specification workers exposed to heat
EN1149 class 1
EN1149 class 1 Electrostatic Dissipative ("Antistatic") Protective Clothing is designed to prevent incendiary discharges from the clothing and body
High visibility class 1
High Visibility EN471 Class 1 offers the lowest level of protection and should be only worn in areas of minimal risk, possibly off road situations such as transport depots.
High visibility class 2
High Visibility EN471 Class 2 provides intermediate protection (medium visibility) and is the minimum requirement when working on all roads where the speed limit is less than 40mph.
High visibility class 3
High Visibility EN471 Class 3 is the highest protection level (maximum protection). This level of protection should be worn on trunk roads and all other roads forming the Primary Route Network (PRN), roads displaying green/blue directional signs and all other roads where the speed limit is 40mph and above.
3M Scotchlite reflective tape complying with national and European standards for high-visibility clothing.
Knee pouch
Knee pouch included in the garment design. INserting a knee pad into the pouch provides comfortable knee protection.t
Knee pad protection
Knee pad protection EN14404 level 1 - for use on flat ground where objects of more than 1cm in height are not a common danger.
Waterproof garment class 1
Waterproof garment class 1 - the lowest level EN343 for foul weather protection.
Breathable waterproof garment class 2
Breathable waterproof garment class 2 – will provide an intermediate level of foul weather protection.
Waterproof garments have tape-welded seams and are constructed using waterproof fabrics to keep the wearer dry.
Water resistant
Water resistant products have a coating applied which helps repel water
Breathable fabric allowing perspiration vapour to escape while keeping water out.
Windproof fabrics help block the effects of the wind preventing heat loss, keeping the wearer warmer for longer.
Goodyear welted
Goodyear Welter - an extremely robust method of manufacturing footwear. The sewn welt secures the upper to the innersole, the outer sole is then attached  to the welt.
Thinsulate lining
Thinsulate lining - a lightweight thermal insulation, used for footwear.
Cambrelle lining
Cambrelle lining - a breathable lining designed to keep the foot warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
Tybrelle lining
Tybrelle lining - a breathable lining designed to keep the foot warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
Safety footwear
Safety footwear - all steel toe-caps are tested  to 200 joules.
Super-safety footwear
Super Safety footwear - including protective toe-caps and midsole for underfoot protection.
Antistatic footwear
Antistatic footwear eliminates or reduces static charges by dissipating charge into the floor.